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A gut-health powerhouse


100% Organic Ingredients:

Onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, jalapenos peppers, horseradish, lemon, rosemary branches, cayenne powder, apple cider vinegar, raw local honey


These formulas, well-known by clinical herbalists, have not been evaluated by Inframed administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Folk Fire Cider

  • Good For

    MamaSeed's Folk Fire Cider is a cherished tonic in the realm of gut health, crafted to enhance your gut microbiome and support a healthy gut throughout the year.

    Drawing from an age-old apple cider vinegar tonic revered in herbal traditions, it's a perfect blend of warming, spicy, sweet, and sour flavors for a delightful wellness boost. Ideal for those seeking to improve gut health naturally, this cider is a cornerstone of any gut health diet.

  • Usage

    Enjoy Folk Fire Cider daily, by the spoonful or shot glass, to invigorate your meals and wellness routine. Its versatility shines in vinaigrettes, sauces, or as a zesty addition to roasted vegetables and hummus, offering a unique flavor enhancement.

  • Shelf Life

    12 months

  • Quantity

    250 ML

Key Ingredients