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A Story about Spirituality and Medicine


The Heart of MamaSeed:
A Vision Rooted in Herbal Healing

At the core of MamaSeed Naturals is a vision deeply intertwined with the principles of wholistic medicine and the profound belief in the healing power of medicinal plants.


Our journey is one of raising consciousness about the symbiotic relationship between self-care and nature care, utilizing the gifts of natures medicine to honor her nurturing love.


Our ethos is guided by the wisdom of herbal healing and the cultivation of a medicine garden, reflecting our commitment to the Wise Women Tradition.


It's here, in the garden for cultivating medicinal herbs, that we plant the seeds of the future, nourishing the MamaSeed within us all, embracing spirituality and medicine as interconnected paths toward healing.


The Body of MamaSeed:
Embracing Spirituality and Medicine

My name is Jaya Julie, and I embody the spirit of a nature lover, world nomad, earth warrior, mother, and yogini, deeply rooted in the ethos of holistic medicine and the healing power of nature.

Leaves 3
White Flower

My journey into the world of medicinal plants and herbal healing began at a permaculture and wellness retreat in southern Portugal in 2012, where I discovered the interconnectedness of our existence with the natural world. This revelation highlighted the importance of living in harmony with nature, honoring our body, mind, and spirit through daily practices that reflect respect and care for the environment and ourselves.


A form of gratitude and honouring to mother earth for all of her creations.


“Une ame saine dans un corps sain”

Inspired by the Latin French maxim (a healthy soul in a healthy body), I embraced the wisdom of natures medicine, recognizing that everything from the food we grow to the products we use on our skin should be nurtured and transformed with the highest respect.

My exploration led me to create my own line of botanical skin care and natural cleaning products, tapping into the magical benefits of the plant kingdom.This path of personal discovery and herbal support for family well-being eventually birthed MamaSeed Naturals in 2017, by the serene Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


As a holistic medicine practitioner, I've woven my love for natural wellbeing, spiritual medicine, and the rich tradition of herbal healing into the fabric of MamaSeed Naturals, offering a sanctuary of wellness rooted in the love and wisdom of Mother Earth.


The Mind of MamaSeed:
A Tale of Holistic Healing and Nature's Wisdom

My journey across continents has been a profound exploration of living simply and deeply, rooted in soulful experiences and a profound connection to the earth. Guatemala, where I settled for four transformative years, became a canvas for learning to live with the essentials, utilizing the rich diversity of raw, local natural products and embracing the lessons taught by medicinal plants found in the lush landscape.


In the Andes, the principle of Ayni—meaning Reciprocity—taught me the importance of being in harmony with life's organic flow. This philosophy was beautifully embodied in the birth of my daughter in 2016, facilitated by a midwife and a herbalist doula, in an environment filled with sacred music, water, and plants. Her birth was a powerful reminder of nature's magic, inspiring a deeper dive into herbal healing and the creation of botanical products. This experience ignited my passion for wholistic medicine, reinforcing my belief in nature as a crucial element of our natural wellbeing and spiritual medicine.


Driven by gratitude for life's creations, I embarked on a path to deepen my understanding of herbal medicine, studying with the Chestnut School of Herbal Medecine . This education laid the groundwork for natural body care and the art of medicine making. Now residing in Southern Portugal, my journey continues with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism (with herbalist Sajah Popham), where I delve into holistic medicine as a practitioner, joining in herbal circles with Daisy Mae Ceratonia Gardens and Maureen Robertson The Herbal Path, and other local herbalists of this bountiful region.I also follow the Wise Women Tradition from Susun Weed (explained in  that works with the most wholly perspective of healing.


My commitment to this path is further enriched by following the Wise Women Tradition, which champions a holistic view of healing that encompasses spirituality and medicine. This tradition teaches us the importance of nurturing health from within and reminds us of the profound impact our choices have on the planet.

Through MamaSeed, I seek to sow the seeds of resilience, healing, and deep reverence for the medicinal plants and spiritual medicine that sustain us, fostering a legacy of health and harmony with nature.



The Soul of MamaSeed:
A Reflection of Nature's Healing Power

The Soul of MamaSeed is deeply rooted in the healing power of nature, celebrating the gifts of medicinal plants and holistic nurture. Nature, as our greatest healer, provides with every leaf and bloom. 

My journey as a mother and herbalist deepens this connection, inspiring a mission to share nature's wisdom and cultivate a garden of healing herbs. This path reflects a commitment to live in harmony with the Earth and teach the values of natural wellbeing and holistic medicine to my daughter.

Yours for your natural raw beauty,


MamaSeed Naturals is dedicated to creating 100% organic and cruelty-free body care and herbal products, blending spirituality with nature's medicine. Our commitment is to offer products that honor the integrity of the environment and your natural beauty, ensuring a future enriched by the purest healing energies of nature.

Our products are 100% organic and cruelty-free










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