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Indigestion, Gas & Nausea


100% Organic Ingredients:

Peppermint, fennel, chamomile, dandelion root, ginger, vodka 100 proof.


These formulas, well-known by clinical herbalists, have not been evaluated by Inframed administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Digestive Support

  • Good For

    Digestive Support is a gentle yet powerful formula designed to ease digestion-related discomforts such as indigestion, gas, and the aftereffects of heavy meals. It's an effective solution for nausea and serves as a preventive measure for motion sickness, aligning with natural remedies for constipation and bloating.

  • Usage

    Recommended at 1 dropful whenever discomfort arises, making it a vital component in managing digestive health and a convenient addition to your wellness routine. 

  • Shelf Life


  • Quantity

    30 ML

Key Ingredients