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MamaSeed Naturals in the Community

Updated: May 21

Find MamaSeed Natural´s alternative medicine near you

As we celebrated Beltane, the ancient Celtic festival that marks the onset of summer on May 1st, MamaSeed Naturals is overjoyed to share some exciting new developments in our community. Beltane is a time of renewal and growth, a celebration of living in harmony with the cycles of nature, and honoring new beginnings. This time of renewal and growth aligns perfectly with our expansion in the Algarve, as we broaden our collaborative efforts. These efforts deepen our ties with local partners who share our commitment to holistic health and sustainable living.

Embracing Community with Holistic Health

Humans are inherently social beings, and connecting as part of a meaningful community is not just important for our mental well-being; it is crucial for survival, especially in our current times. At MamaSeed Naturals, we're dedicated to fostering a community where everyone feels supported, connected, and empowered, helping individuals to connect to their wellbeing through medicinal plants.

Holistic family medicine at Little Shop, Aljezur

So What’s New?

Local Collaborations and Expansions:

We're excited to announce that our entire product line is now available at Little Shop in Aljezur, a local boutique renowned for its selection of eco-friendly and artisanal products. This partnership allows us to make MamaSeed's holistic family medicine more accessible. For up-to-date information on opening days and hours, please check our Events Page.

Introducing Cooperativa da Terra:

Get our alternative medicine at Cooperativa da Terra

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Cooperativa da Terra, a self-financed network that promotes a circular economy and sustainable living across Lagos, Vila do Bispo, Monchique, Aljezur, and Odemira. As part of this partnership, we are delighted to introduce Colmeia - food & artesan hub. Colmeia, part of Cooperativa da Terra, embodies our shared vision of healthy and ecological living. Situated at the heart of our community activities, Colmeia serves as a vital hub for local artisans and organic food enthusiasts, providing a vibrant space where the community can connect and thrive. Our partnership aims to deepen our commitment to sustainability and enhance community well-being by integrating MamaSeed Naturals' products into this dynamic environment. For more information about Colmeia and to explore their offerings, please visit Colmeia.

MamaSeeds´s wholistic medicine at Vivo Mercado

Where Else Can You Find Us?

Beyond Little Shop, you can find MamaSeed products at various local shops and markets, including the popular organic farmers market Vivo Mercado in Lagos. Vivo Mercado in Lagos is celebrated for its commitment to offering a wide array of organic produce and eco-friendly products, fostering a community dedicated to sustainable living.

Our alternative medicine at Izzy's Market Boutique in Vila do Bispo

Additionally, you can find some of our products at Izzy's Market Boutique in Vila do Bispo. This charming organic grocery store and vegetarian café is run by Isaura, an incredible vegetarian chef whose café embodies the sweet essence of her personality. Izzy's Market offers a comprehensive range of healthy organic foods, a bulk grain bar, and conscious household products, aligning perfectly with our vision of a healthy and ecological lifestyle. It has become a hub hangout in the area, resonating with locals and visitors alike. or an immersive experience and to explore their offerings, be sure to visit Izzy's Market.

Our presence in these diverse locations ensures that our organic herbal remedies are accessible to more people seeking alternative medicine near them. For a comprehensive and updated list of all our stockists, please visit our  Events Page.

The power of community engagement.

Recent times have dramatically reshaped our social interactions and personal relationships. Lockdown measures and work-from-home arrangements have made it increasingly difficult to meet and connect with others, escalating feelings of isolation and loneliness. However, these challenges have not diminished the importance of community.

On the contrary, these changes have prompted many to reconsider the significance of neighborhood and community feeling, bringing the concept of meaningful networking projects and belonging back into the spotlight.

Our community at MamaSeed Naturals demonstrates that being part of a group where we share values and goals can significantly enhance our self-esteem and empower us to take on the world and achieve our dreams. The mutual support of a community often boosts the well-being of all its members, providing:

  1. Support and Safety: Amid the uncertainty brought on by the COVID pandemic, a robust community network has become crucial. Such support helps combat feelings of hopelessness and ensures a sense of safety, crucial during crises. The mutual support of a community often boosts the well-being of all its members.

  2. Connection and Belonging: Togetherness is essential to our experience as humans; feeling part of something larger can significantly impact our lives. Finding others who share similar values and interests reinforces our sense of belonging and worth, enhancing our self-esteem and helping us manage negative experiences.

  3. Influence: Community can often serve as a motivator to adopt healthier habits and abandon harmful ones. The positive influence from like-minded peers can inspire us to take better care of ourselves and encourage personal growth.

  4. Sharing: Sharing ideas, activities, and emotions within a community not only reinforces individual identity but also adds value to the group. Engaging more with others can lead to higher mental engagement, evoke positive emotions, and empower individuals.

  5. Learning: While communities often form around common interests, they are rarely homogeneous. Interacting with diverse individuals within these groups can broaden our horizons, offering new perspectives and insights.

  6. Acceptance: A significant aspect of community is the acceptance it offers. This acceptance is a powerful counter to feelings of isolation and despair, providing a safe space that fosters personal security and group solidarity.

  7. More Connections, More Chances of Success: The community is invaluable not just personally but also professionally, especially in recent times which have seen a surge in support for local businesses. Networking within these circles can lead to new opportunities and collaborations, potentially propelling business ideas and career paths forward.

At MamaSeed Naturals, we understand that building and maintaining strong community ties is not just beneficial—it's essential. We encourage everyone to seek out or foster such networks, whether by connecting at local events, participating in community projects, or supporting local businesses. Today is the perfect opportunity to start building meaningful relationships that can lead to a richer, more fulfilling community experience.

Join our network!

Join Our Network!

Are you a local vendor, shop owner, or reseller interested in carrying MamaSeed Organic Herbal Remedies? We're eager to expand our network and bring the benefits of holistic family medicine to even more communities. If you're passionate about natural health and wellness, contact us and join us in our mission.

Stay Connected

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Together, let’s foster a community that heals, supports, and grows together.

With nature’s blessings,


MamaSeed Naturals

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