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Keepers of  the
Plant Medicine Magic

One Saturday per month / Quinta do Jazmin / South of Portugal (near Lagos)


Planting a Seed of Resiliency to inspire a lifelong interest in the natural world & self care

Congratulations on starting your child(ren) on their lifelong journey of herbal learning!

Empowering children to take control of their health and well being through using natural herbal remedies, is one of the most important things we can do for them. It is not only a reconnection with Nature, but also an empowerment to know that all around us is meant to help us! 


“It is our duty - now more than ever - to make that bond so that they never forget their roots…
this is my mission!” 


Each month  will focus on one or two plants of the season and take your child(ren) on a journey of Self Healing with Nature gifts.

About the Program

This program is designed to run from October to June, in the south of Portugal, near Lagos.
One workshop a month for 6 to 10 years old. You can drop in for one class only or take the full spectrum of the program.


Our little Plant Magic Keepers will go through a series of workshops that will take them to discover the healing powers (the magic!) of the most local & common plants. At the end of the year program, they will have met a variety of plants and a wide spectrum of medicine recipes they can take home and share with their family.


What your child will live through the sessions

  • The art of circle

  • Folk stories of the plants

  • Sensorial connection with the plant

  • Conscious harvest

  • Alchemy medicine making!

  • Intro to Botanicals

  • Journaling as a memory tool

  • Earth songs 

  • Witches & wizards wisdom

  • Fairy gifts & medicine to take home

  • DIY medicine making recipe 

If you are local and you would like to enroll your child, feel free to contact Jaya by email:


Workshop Dates



One Saturday per month:

9th March 2024

13th April 2024

11th May 2024

1st June 2024

Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Quinta do Jazmin (near Lagos)

Price per child:

Drop-in 22€
Tribe package (4 months): 80€


Beautiful Memories!

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